No ID data on police helmets

Police have shelved plans for members of anti-riot squads to display distinguishing numbers on their helmets, but authorities have approved the purchase of a firefighting vehicle and a mobile metal fence to use during public disturbances, sources told Kathimerini Friday.

The previous citizens? protection minister, Michalis Chrysochoidis, had pledged in 2010 that riot police would follow the example of other European forces and display identification numbers, which can be used by citizens to file complaints about officers? actions. However, the move has been rejected by the police, sources said.

Instead, authorities are focusing on strengthening the equipment at their disposal following clashes with protesters in recent months. Sources said that about 400,000 euros is to be spent on a firefighting vehicle that can also be used for crowd control.

Police will also invest about 100,000 euros to purchase two mobile metal and Perspex fences, such as the one used in front of Parliament this summer to prevent protesters advancing.