Monastery to be moved uphill

A 12th-century monastery in the northern prefecture of Grevena, which is to be literally carried to the top of a hill to make way for an artificial lake, was on Monday shuffled about a meter in a precursor to the big move.

The monastery must be moved to allow for the creation of the lake that is to power a hydroelectric dam that Public Power Corporation (PPC) is planning to build in the area.

Over the next two weeks, a team led by specialist engineer Dimitris Korres, is scheduled to haul the monastery onto rails that will transfer the 260-ton structure a distance of 127 meters and up a 24 percent incline.

The relocation of the monastery, budgeted at 850,000 euros, will be funded by PPC.

In an interview with Kathimerini, Korres said his team has been instructed to display particular care during the transfer as the monastery?s interior walls feature rare murals. Another concern is that the structure must be carried up a hill. ?None of the transfers I have supervised ever involved an incline,? Korres said.