Two teenagers arrested over 2012 murder of Roma boy

Two Roma teenagers aged 15 and 19 respectively were arrested on Saturday in connection with the murder in December 2012 of a 15-year-old boy from a nearby Roma camp who was found stabbed multiple times at a settlement in Megara, western Attica.

Investigators on Saturday were questioning the two suspects, who they believe murdered the boy over a personal rivalry.

According to information available, the victim had allegedly traveled from his own family’s camp in Mandra, also in western Attica, to claim the affections of a young woman who was in a relationship with the 15-year-old suspect.

The 15-year-old suspect, who had been questioned previously in connection with an assault on police officers, allegedly went in search of the victim together with the unnamed 19-year-old at the home of relations with whom he had been staying in Megara. Investigators believe that they stabbed him over 20 times in revenge for his actions.

A search around the 15-year-old suspect’s home uncovered five hunting rifles buried in the ground, which are currently being analyzed.

The victim had been initially identified as being 12 years old, though subsequent investigations put his age at 15.