N17 hit man ‘solved taxi dispute with gun’

The prosecutor at the November 17 trial was forced yesterday to question the sanity of one of his own witnesses who claimed one of the 19 defendants had pulled a gun on her during an argument over the itinerary of an Athens taxi they happened to be sharing five years ago. Earlier, Evgenoula Yennimata had identified defendants Alexandros Yotopoulos, Savvas Xeros and Vassilis Tzortzatos as the men she had seen watching the house of Turkish diplomat Deniz Bulukbasi, whom N17 tried to kill with a car bomb in July 1991. She described Xeros, allegedly a top N17 hit man, as «a handsome boy, an Adonis.» She also claimed that, seven years after the attack, she found herself sharing a taxi with Xeros, who threatened her and the cabbie with a gun during a quarrel over their route. «Are you quite sure?» prosecutor Christos Lambrou asked. «Have you had any trouble with mental illness?»