The myth of depoliticization

The depoliticization of the young is a myth, says Ioannis Metaxas, professor of political communication at Athens University. «The politicization of the young is related to the intensity of society’s demands for genuine, substantive change. But what nearly all of us observe from time to time is that the young, disappointed by party platforms, seem not to care about what is going on in society. My everyday contact with students confirms that even when they look critically at politicians or parties, it’s as if they are politicized at a higher level, which they idealize and put their hopes in,» says Metaxas. But young people also possess a critical capacity in regard to international events, as Metaxas has seen himself. «I have the impression that the recent events, and in particular the injustice of the attack, was seen by the young in a very critical light. The outcome of this reaction was that they transferred it to their elections and used it in their demands, However, it is important to say that not only political youth groups but young Greeks as a whole – and I think Greek society as well – expressed themselves much more fervently than other European societies which disagreed with the war, but did so in a way that was more elegant than practical,» said Metaxas.