Pangalos says others will follow Malesios

Tuesday’s sacking of a deputy minister exposed for living, rent-free, in a flat owned by a businessman with significant dealings with the State is «just the beginning,» a former minister and leading Socialist rebel claimed yesterday. Theodoros Pangalos, a former foreign minister ejected from the Cabinet in November 2000 (he then held the Culture portfolio) for persistently criticizing the government, said other top PASOK officials had been close with Athanassios Athanassoulis, the owner of the Altec computer firm whose interests include Alter TV. Vangelis Malesios was forced to resign as deputy public order minister after the Avriani newspaper, owned by an estranged former business partner of Athanassoulis, revealed he had been living rent-free in a Melissia flat owned by Athanassoulis. «Unfortunately, this is just the beginning,» Pangalos told Alpha TV. «There will be more [resignations].»