PM: We will continue with or without DIMAR for another three years

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras declared late on Thursday night that his government would continue on its way toward reforms and sustained funding of the country from its creditors, with or without the support of the Democratic Left (DIMAR) which on Friday morning is expected to announce its secession from the coalition government.

Samaras also confirmed he has backed down on the issue of the state broadcaster by agreeing to the hiring of as many as 2,000 of the 2,656 old ERT employees and for broadcasting to restart as soon as possible, with all frequencies operating, but without a return to what he dubbed “the sinful status”.

“Today [president] Fotis Kouvelis and DIMAR were outside the framework of the agreement we had reached on Wednesday, asking for a return to the sinful status of ERT,” said Samaras, adding that PASOK president Evangelos Venizelos “is right when saying that some assume the full responsibility of governing and some are only there some of the times.”

The PM made it clear he desires to see DIMAR stay on in the coalition, but added that he was determined to carry on: “Today was the anniversary of the first year since the formation of this coalition. We have three more years ahead of us,” pledged Samaras.

Visibly tired and speaking on a recorded televised message, Samaras made his determination clear regarding reforms, declaring that, “we will continue on the road of responsibility.”