Ex-minister urges PASOK MPs to vote against PM

Former conservative minister and leader of liberal Drasi party Stefanos Manos urged ruling PASOK’s 153 MPs to vote against Socialist Prime Minister George Papandreou in a confidence vote on Friday night.

«The Parliamentary group of PASOK must contest Papandreou because he is dangerous,» Manos told Skai television on Tuesday. «It is in the hands of PASOK’s 153 MPs to get rid of Mr Papandreou if they want to and to choose Mr X instead.”

The ex-minister was responding to a decision announced on Monday night for a referendum to be held, probably in December, over a deal forged between Greece and its creditors for a 50 percent haircut on the debt-strapped country’s debt and a vote of confidence in the government.

He described Papandreou’s decision as being «rash,» adding «I think Mr Papandreou is trying to save himself. I don’t know what he was thinking; there is a surplus of inanity in this country.»

However, contrary to calls from the main New Democracy opposition party for general elections to be held, Manos said snap polls would be a negative development for Greece.