Grass swindle leads to officer’s drug arrest

An Athens policeman and three more men have been arrested for drug offenses and extortion following a tip-off to the force’s Internal Affairs bureau over a marijuana deal that went wrong, officials said yesterday. One of the four – none of whose names were made public – allegedly paid an acquaintance to buy 600-euros worth of marijuana, giving him a 50-euro commission. The man proceeded to buy a kilo of the drug in a plastic bag from an Albanian, and promptly passed on his purchase. But later that day he received a furious phone call from the buyer, who said the bag contained dried weeds and flowers, and demanded his money back. The middleman would only give back 100 euros, whereupon the four suspects allegedly broke into his home, took his ID card as security and insisted on a full refund. The frightened middleman contacted the police, and all four were arrested.