Aerial images to help curb trash

Regional officials aim to curb the growth of illegal landfills across Attica using aerial photographs of the prefecture, it emerged Wednesday.

Officials asked for the photographs to be taken in order to create a comprehensive overview of the situation across the broader Athens area and on several islands — including Spetses, Hydra and Kythera — which belong to the Attica prefecture so that any attempt to create new illegal landfills is quickly noticed.

There are around 30 illegal landfills within the Attica prefecture.

Addressing mayors from problem areas in the prefecture, Attica Regional Governor Yiannis Sgouros said that European Union subsidies provided ?a last chance? for Greece to get on top of its waste management problem.

?This a last chance for us to tackle the major problem of managing solid and liquid waste and protecting the environment,? Sgouros said. He added that he would not allow ?red tape, foot-dragging and local party politics? to undermine the initiative.