Mayor renews state of emergency appeal

The mayor of Oichalia in the southern Peloponnese has appealed again to the government to declare four mountain villages in the region as being in a state of emergency as dozens of houses and a couple of churches are on the point of collapse.

The area has been affected by more than 1,200 tremors of various magnitudes since June, although most have registered no higher than 3 on the Richter scale. Still the accumulated impact of the quakes and tremors have wreaked significant damage in four villages — Oichalia, Katsaros, Meropi and Siamos. According to Panayiotis Alevras, the deputy governor of the Peloponnese, a total of 39 structures are on the point of collapse, including two churches and two stores. Dozens more homes have been rendered uninhabitable and are in need of serious repairs, the authorities added.

Experts from the Greek Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization were dispatched to Messinia early in October to monitor the four-month spike in seismic activity.