Loverdos says PM must proceed with unity gov’t

Health Minister Greek Health Minister Andreas Loverdos said on Friday that a successful vote of confidence in the government on Friday night must be followed by Prime Minister George Papandreou taking concrete steps to form a national unity government.

Loverdos said he would vote yes in the crucial roll call on Friday night but that he expected to see the premier make good on a pledge to step aside and allow the creation of a unity government.

In a written statement, Loverdos said that unless efforts are undertaken by the premier immediately after the confidence vote to create a unity government ?I will have no involvement in the political procedures that follow.”

Loverdos was one of three ministers that recently wrote an open letter calling on Papandreou to forge ahead with bolder reforms. Many commentators saw that as a move to establish a reformist bloc within the Cabinet from which a new PASOK leader might emerge.