PM: I will step aside for a coalition government

Prime Minister George Papandreou is already at the Presidential Mansion to meet with President Karolos Papoulias ahead of planned talks for a coalition government, insisting he would not hold on to his office if was to facilitate developments, while wondering why other forces would not move along to a joint government scheme.

On his way into the Mansion Papandreou told Papoulias that he is ready to step aside in order to allow for more political forces to be convinced to participate in a new government of broader consent to save the country?s economy.

?I will do all I can to create a broader cooperation government,? said Papandreou. «I am not stuck on my position.”

?Cooperation is essential at this stage as we should not go to elections right now because that would be destructive for the economy which is in a crucical phase. We need to ratify the agreement of October 27 and if there is a consent in essence, I do not see why we cannot proceed with that.?

?We want to confirm out determination and will to remain in the hard core of Europe,? the Prime Minister added. ?We also want to implement what the Greek people want,? he said, referring to the formation of a coalition government.

Karolos Papoulias responded that ?this is a time of great responsibility for all of us. I can see that there is only one way, that of cooperation. All political forces need to communicate and agree on the road of recovery. I will do all I can for that to happen.?