Samaras: If the PM resigns, I am determined to help

Opposition leader Antonis Samaras promised on Sunday afternoon to help build a coalition government once Prime Minister George Papandreou resigns, asking him to do that immediately.

On his way out of the Presidential Mansion following his 15-minute meeting with President Karolos Papoulias, Samaras departed from his strict position of sticking to his proposal for a government without any politicians, saying that the road is open for a solution if Papandreou goes.

?The Prime Minister must decide what he wants to do as by not resigning he hampers any solution, said Samaras.

?As long as he is not resigning, he is blocking what the Constitution provides for. If he resigns, everything will take its way. I am determined to help to find a solution.?

In the first seconds of his meeting with Papoulias, Samaras said ?I realize the agony of the people. We must all take out responsibilities and send a message of stability and trust abroad and a message of stability and normality domestically.

Papoulias agreed that a stability message must be sent domestically and abroad, as ?Greek people are being tortured. Uncertainty needs to end.?

Later in the day the Prime Minister will chair en emergency cabinet meeting, which will be closely watched.

Reports suggest that the resignation of the Prime Minister will trigger in-depth talks between the two main parties for a joint government with all issues on the table, given the pressure of the people and from the country?s creditors.