KKE slams coalition deal

Communist Party leader Aleka Papariga on Monday criticized Greece’s crisis coalition deal, saying that the interim government would not have the power to curb the country’s mammoth debt and prevent a default.

Bankruptcy cannot be prevented by a government’s economic policy mix, Papariga said, adding that the roots of the current crisis lie in the ill nature of the capitalist system.

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou on Sunday reached an agreement with conservative opposition leader Antonis Samaras on a transition government aimed at restoring calm and enacting an international bailout before new elections next year.

The two leaders agreed early on Monday that the most suitable date for the elections would be February 19 next year. Details of the deal were to be finalized on Monday.

The communist chief attacked a controversial decision by Papandreou last week to put the latest debt deal on a referendum as a plot aimed at bringing about a pre-agreed coalition between Greece’s mainstream parties.

She said the European Union and banks wanted a strong government to push with the deeply unpopular austerity measures.