Ministry moving to save 2 mln euros

In a bid to lighten the load on overburdened public coffers, some 600 Education Ministry employees are to be moved by the end of the year as several departments merge, thereby saving some 2 million euros of taxpayers? money.

The initiative, which was apparently encouraged by Education Minister Anna Diamantopoulou, will lead to seven bodies under the ministry?s auspices being housed in just two buildings. This will lead to substantial savings on rent, as the buildings are not public property.

The aim is to complete the process by the end of the year. ?This is a scheme that should not be put at risk,? Giorgos Kalatzis, the education general secretary, told Kathimerini in an apparent reference to the imminent cabinet changes.

The Education Ministry has been one of the government departments hit hardest by expenditure cuts. Spending on primary, secondary and tertiary education has been cut drastically.