Sarkozy delighted with Greek unity government

French President Nicolas Sarkozy hailed Greece’s swearing-in of new Prime Minister Lucas Papademos on Friday and said the country where the eurozone debt market crisis began two year ago could count on Paris’s support.

“I am delighted to see the creation, under your leadership, of a government of broad national unity that can ensure the full

implementation of the accord of October 27 and the measures it calls for,» Sarkozy said in a letter to Papademos.

He was referring to an October agreement between euro zone leaders to provide further rescue help for Greece in return for further austerity measures in a country where cutbacks have triggered violent public protests.

“At this crucial time, with so much at stake, I am sure you are determined to take all necessary measures to ensure Greece

continues to fully play its role in a Europe that is united and loyal to its ideals,» he said in the letter to Papademos,

formerly a European Central Bank vice president.

A copy of the letter was released to the media.