Juncker has no doubts Greece will honor commitments

Jean-Claude Juncker, who heads the group of eurozone finance ministers, said Friday he was certain that Greece’s new government would stand by all of the country’s commitments to the eurozone.

“I am persuaded the new Greek government, which has a large parliamentary majority, will leave no doubts as to its resolution to end the serious situation in which Greece is in and that it will honour all its commitments to the eurozone,» he said in a statement.

Juncker, also Luxembourg’s prime minister, said the setting up of the new government was «a first step on a long road».

“The other steps, that is the meticulous implementation of the adjustment programme, must follow rapidly.”

Saying he was «very pleased» that Greece now had a stable national unity government, Juncker added he was «particularly happy» over the naming of Lucas Papademos as premier and Evangelos Venizelos as finance minister.

“Mr Papademos’ capabilities in economic and financial matters need no further demonstration, as neither do those of Mr Venizelos who managed the very difficult situation in Greece and in the eurozone with competence and courage,» he said.