First draft of public sector salary review published

Lower entry level wages, significant reductions in overtime pay and special benefits, stricter family allowances and raises based on the basic, entry level salary are some of the changes to the public sector pay structure outlined in the Finance Ministry?s proposal, published on Tuesday.

According to the proposal, entry level wages will begin at 780 euros a month, with raises of up to 20 percent of that figure depending on the ranking of employees, which is based on their educational level and the position they hold in the public sector. However, key positions will be rewarded with higher benefits, a move that the ministry hopes will nourish a more competitive approach among highly qualified employees for these posts.

The payment of overtime will have to be approved by the ministry, says the plan, and it cannot exceed 20 hours a month, though in some specific cases, this can be increased to 50 or 60 hours a month.

Family allowances will also be reviewed and will no longer cover the spouses of married employees, though benefits for single parents and other employees with dependents will be increased to 50 euros a month for one child, 70 euros for two children, 120 euros for three, 170 euros for four, and 70 euros for every additional child when there are more than four.

Hazard pay benefits will be set at a maximum of 150 euros a month after a joint review by the relevant ministries, while bonuses for public sector workers in remote parts of the country will be leveled at 100 euros per month.

The ministry?s new salary structure also standardizes the so-called holiday bonuses, which are, effectively, two additional monthly salaries dispensed before Christmas, Easter and the August 15 national holiday. Should the proposal be voted through Parliament, the holiday bonus will be set at 500 euros for Christmas and 250 euros each for Easter and the summer break.