Ousted ND MP brings accusations closer to home

The disciplinary committee of opposition New Democracy party on Tuesday finalized the expulsion of conservative veteran Sotiris Hatzigakis (photo) from the parliamentary group for suggesting that «far-right elements» had worked their way into the party.

The Trikala MP had said on Monday that «some far-right elements, operating under the banner of the popular right, are trying to alter the makeup of New Democracy,» adding on Tuesday in a statement made on Vima FM radio that constituted an attack against the party chief, that «certain associates of Antonis Samaras think they can run the show within the party.»

«New Democracy is a big, national, middle-class, European party with many currents,? Hatzigakis told a meeting of the parliamentary group on Monday. «It contains the popular right, the liberal right and the middle ground. That is the New Democracy that Constantine Karamanlis built and we are not going to let anybody change it.»

Samaras said that the MP went against the party?s constitution by suggesting there were several groups within New Democracy.

Hatzigakis also attacked the so-called «Internet thugs» who are undermining the new interim government, adding that Samaras’s tough stance against austerity measures attached to a new bailout deal for Greece and his apparent refusal to sign any letter pledging support for conditions on the 130-billion-euro bailout as EU Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn has demanded, is «dangerous» and that Samaras is «shooting craps on the backs of the Greek people.»

Meanwhile on Tuesday, another New Democracy MP challenged Samaras by saying that he would not cast his ballot in favor of the interim government in a vote of confidence on Wednesday.

Meeting with the ND leader on Tuesday, Panos Kammenos said «I will vote ‘no,’ but I do support the party and will not create any problems for it.»

Speaking in Parliament earlier in the day, Kammenos accused the prime minister of the interim government, Lucas Papademos, as being a «man of the troika.»