Water reserves hit all-time high

As a result of the winter’s heavy rains and snow, the capital’s drinking water reserves now stand at an all-time record high, according to figures made public yesterday. But experts said this was no reason for Athenians to increase consumption, as underground reserves are still low. Yesterday, the Athens Water Supply and Sewage Company (EYDAP) said its four reservoirs – Lake Yliki and the Marathon, Evinos and Mornos artificial lakes – contained a total of 1,225.52 million cubic meters of fresh water. This is nearly twice as much as last April’s 640.02 million cubic meters, and surpasses the previous record of 1,219.81 million cubic meters set in 1985. The worst year in the past two decades was 1993, when reserves dwindled to a paltry 183.2 million cubic meters, forcing the government to radically increase water rates. However, experts said the water table is still low, while in other parts of Greece it has dwindled to such a degree as to incur contamination from seawater. Furthermore, much of this year’s rainwater ended up in the sea due to poor management.