Police in Thessaly bust internatinal drug ring

Police in Thessaly, central Greece, on Wednesday issued a statement regarding a crackdown on an international criminal ring which allegedly imported drugs from Albania, Turkey and Bulgaria and subsequently distributed the substances throughout Greece.

Following police operations conducted in Trikala, Thessaloniki, Kozani, Katerini and Kastoria, police officers made 25 arrests — 23 of those arrested were suspected of being members of the ring. The large-scale operation was carried out on Monday by over 60 officers.

According to reports police have identified three of the ring’s alleged five leaders: a 51-year-old Greek who was arrested on Monday, a 38-year-old Bulgarian national currently in prison as well as a 38-year-old Bulgarian still at large.

Police estimated that the ring had so far distributed 18 kilos of heroin at an estimated street value of over 2 million euros.