Justice minister calls for public prosecutor action

Justice Minister Miltiadis Papaioannou called for the Public Prosecution Office to take action in the wake of comments made by a 58-year-old Thessaloniki businessman and alleged leader of a usury and extortion racket, Skai reported on Tuesday.

In an interview published in a local newspaper on Sunday, the businessman claimed that the release of videos in his possession could lead to the ‘eradication’ of Parliament.

The businessman was arrested two weeks ago along with a number of his alleged accomplices, following a large-scale police operation which also led to the arrest of alleged members of another three criminal organizations operating in northern Greece.

According to police reports, the ring allegedly headed by the Thessaloniki businessman also included a SDOE official and a journalist for state television. The police are investigating the illicit activities of the organizations as well as possible connections to a number of suicides of Thessaloniki entrepreneurs.