Cafe owner held after fatal shooting

The owner of a cafe in Stylida, central Greece, was detained late on Tuesday after allegedly shooting dead an Albanian man following an argument in the cafe.

According to witnesses, the trouble began when the owner asked a group of three Albanians to leave his shop as other patrons in the shop complained that they were bothering them. The Albanians left but not before stealing the keys to the shopowner?s car from the counter, the same witnesses said.

Shortly afterward, the Albanians returned and reportedly started picking a fight with the store owner who snapped, took out a shotgun from under the counter and fired it at the group, injuring one of them fatally.

Police from nearby Lamia were called to Stylida to boost protection of the local precinct where the cafe owner is being held as officers fear reprisals.

One of the two Albanians handed himself in to police late at night while the third remained at large early on Wednesday.