GENOP challenges government over tax

If the government enforces a law giving homeowners a maximum of 80 days to pay a property tax bill, Public Power Corporation will have to cut off half a million households, employees of the electricity company said.

Around 500,000 homeowners have not paid the controversial tax — which is included in electricity bills — and the 80-day grace period from when the bills were issued is about to expire.

The union representing PPC workers (GENOP) — which has sought to disrupt the collection of the tax by PPC — claimed Thursday that the situation has ?terrified? the Finance Ministry, which is reportedly considering extending the period of payment to 120 days.

In November, the ministry extended the grace period to 80 days from the original 40. Authorities had noted however that they would not cut the power of anyone unable to pay.

At the end of last year, PPC estimated eight in 10 homeowners had paid the levy, putting authorities on track to net their target of 1.7 billion euros from the tax.