Troika insists on changing private labor terms

Greece?s official creditors will not give in on their demand for changes and wage cuts to the labor status in the private sector, Skai radio said on Saturday afternoon citing an unnamed government official, as talks about the new loan contract continue in Athens.

It followed a broad meeting of ministers who hold key posts in the government, under Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos after his lengthy talks with the mission from the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Commission, known collectively as the troika.

The ministerial meeting heard that there will be no further staff cuts in the health sector, but there will be cuts in expenditure amounting to 1.1 billion euros, out of which 1 billion will concern pharmaceutical spending.

The defense sector is set for cuts amounting to 400 million euros in the next two years.

According to the same source the government insists on not including military personnel in the single salary system of the public sector or in the staff cuts.