Greek official says no bailout deadline Monday

The Greek government and party leaders must agree on the terms of a second bailout with IMF and EU inspectors before euro zone finance ministers next meet, a government official said on Monday.

However, he denied that the three coalition parties had to respond on Monday to the EU on whether they accept the deal in principle or not.

Panos Beglitis, spokesman of the PASOK socialist party which is a coalition partner, said on Sunday that leaders of the three parties had to give their responses by noon (1000 GMT) on Monday.

The government official who declined to be named denied this. Asked whether the parties had to respond to the Euro Working Group of finance ministry officials by Monday, he said: «No, there is no deadline.”

He said, however, that the entire Greek side had to agree terms with the international lenders before the Eurogroup of euro zone finance ministers next meets.

“The only deadline is to have a staff agreement for the second bailout and the agreement of the political leaders before Eurogroup,» he said.

No date has yet been set for the Eurogroup meeting, although it is expected this week. [Reuters]