ND spokesman rejects option of euro exit

New Democracy spokesman Yiannis Michelakis has made it clear that New Democracy will approve Greece?s new loan agreement when Parliament votes on Sunday and has suggested the conservatives may enforce party discipline to ensure that MPs do not rebel.

?If we leave the euro, the hell we will live through will be unprecedented,? Michelakis told Antenna TV.

New Democracy MPs are due to meet on Friday evening to debate the terms of the bailout. Michelakis suggested conservative leader Antonis Samaras might demand that they vote in favor of the deal or be expelled from the party otherwise.

?We will discuss all these issues at tonight?s meeting of the parliamentary group,? said Michelakis.

He also insisted that elections will have to be held in April, before Easter, despite calls from the other coalition partners PASOK and LAOS for Prime Minister Lucas Papademos to remain in charge of the interim government for a few more months.