Italian mayor offers solidarity

One of two Italian mayors who announced over the weekend that they were giving up a month?s salary each in support of Greeks suffering from the crisis, on Monday wrote to the prime ministers of Italy and Greece and some 8,000 mayors in his country in an attempt to launch a solidarity movement.

Giovanni Moscatiello, the mayor of Baronissi in southern Italy, wrote to Italian Premier Mario Monti and his counterpart in Athens, Lucas Papademos, to call for less indifference about Greece?s economic plight and to demand more efforts to help the country.

?Those who have governed Greece have committed serious mistakes, there is no doubt, but we would be irresponsible if we do not support this country, which is the cradle of our civilization,? said Moscatiello, who was joined by Cava de? Tirreni Mayor Marco Galdi in offering a month?s pay to the Greek government.

Moscatiello has called his initiative ?Magna Grecia.?