Libyan Embassy gives up arms

Counterterrorism officers on Tuesday were examining dozens of heavy weapons and explosives confiscated from the premises of the Libyan Embassy in central Athens on Monday after mission staff briefed Greek authorities.

According to a statement on the police?s website, the cache included 30 handguns, two submachine guns, 15 kilograms of the plastic explosive Semtex, five detonators, two hand grenades, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, silencers and wiretapping equipment.

A police official would not confirm whether the weaponry was believed to be connected to the previous Libyan regime, headed by the late Muammar Gadhafi, noting that it had been transferred to the counterterrorism squad, which is to determine whether any of the arms have been used in previous attacks.

Athens and Tripoli traditionally have warm ties and maintained relations under Gadhafi, who died at the hands of rebel fighters last October.