Italian mayors to visit Athens in show of solidarity

The two Italian mayors who gave up a month?s salary each in aid of crisis-stricken Greeks are due to visit Athens next week, it has been revealed.

Baronissi Mayor Giovanni Moscatiello and Marco Galdi, mayor of Cava de? Tirreni, gave a combined total of almost 1,900 euros in a symbolic gesture of support for Greece.

The Confederation of Greek Municipalities (KEDE) has invited the two men to take part in a meeting between Greek and Italian mayor in Athens on Wednesday.

?It is just a symbolic act — certainly not economic — and is aimed at involving many colleagues from other Italian municipalities,? Moscatiello told Kathimerini English Edition this week.

?Greece undoubtedly has its faults but we should not be indifferent to this moment of weakness that the Hellenic people are facing.?

Moscatiello added that Europeans would be wrong to think that the economic crisis is limited to just Greece.

?It is like our neighbor?s house catches fire and we do nothing to stop the fire. Sooner or later this fire will burn our house as well,? he said.

?I believe that we are part of a single continent: In helping others, we help ourselves.?