Actor Vassilis Tsivilikas dies

Best known for his colorful roles in political satires on stage, actor Vasilis Tzivilikas died in Athens on Wednesday. He was 70 years old.

The actor died in Sismanogleio Hospital in the early hours of Wednesday after suffering from a heart-related complaint.

He had been on stage until last week, starring in the situation comedy ?Life is a Bicycle,? which he also adapted from Dave Freeman?s ?A Bedful of Strangers? and directed.

Tzivilikas was born in Thessaloniki in 1942 and first appeared in the theater in 1965.

He was invited by acclaimed Greek director Karolos Koun to join his company two years later and in the early 1970s focused his attention to revues, where he became a household name and earned a reputation as one of the country?s finest comedians.

His first screen appearance was in 1970 in the hit comedy ?I theia mou i hipissa? (My Aunt the Hippie), directed by Alekos Sakellariou.

He has performed in dozens of films for television and cinema, as well as on stage, mostly in comedies of broad popular appeal.