Local authorities sued over stray dog attack

An Athens woman who was attacked by stray dogs while doing her shopping has sued regional and municipal authorities for a total of 27,700 euros, arguing that the animals should not have been allowed to roam the streets. The 57-year-old Nea Philadelphia resident, whose name was not made public, was set upon on her way to her local supermarket. In her suit, which has been tabled at an Athens administrative court of first instance and was made public yesterday, the woman said the four dogs started biting her shoes, then grabbed her by the coat and jumped on her, knocking her over. As a result, she broke her leg close to the hip and is still unable to walk properly. She is seeking 16,681 euros apiece from the Athens-Piraeus prefecture and the Nea Philadelphia municipality, which are responsible by law for collecting strays and putting them in shelters.