Minister to meet with striking seamen

Recently appointed Development Minister Anna Diamantopoulou is due to meet today with representatives of the Panhellenic Seamen?s Union (PNO), who are on the second day of a 48-hour strike that has left ferries tied up at Piraeus and other ports across the country.

PNO objects to cuts to pensions and changes to collective labor contracts. It has said that it will continue with rolling two-day strikes until authorities address its concerns.

Farmers on the islands, and Crete in particular, meanwhile have threatened action of their own if the strikes are not cancelled, arguing that they will suffer massive losses unless their crops are distributed immediately.

?Every blow against agricultural production, against tourism, against the islands, against the national economy, is a blow against the unemployed Greek, the pensioner, the worker,? Diamantopoulou said on Monday.