PASOK says 800,000 bank loans have been rescheduled

PASOK has responded to a call by New Democracy for banks to reschedule their customers loans by saying that the process has already begun and 800,000 customers are now paying lower monthly instalments.

New Democracy suggested that following the recapitalization process that will ease the pressure on liquidity-strapped Greek banks, they should in turn ease the pressure on their customers.

In what is likely to prove a popular subject in the run-up to elections in over a month?s time, PASOK pointed out that civil servants, who are granted loans via a state fund, have been able to reschedule their debts since last year and private banks have adjusted the payment plans for 800,000 of their customers.

?We are glad that, even belatedly, New Democracy is supporting the positions adopted in Parliament by the PASOK leader [Evangelos Venizelos], when he was finance minister,? said the Socialists in a statement.