Officials at PPC and GENOP face charges over use of funds

Officials from the Public Power Corporation and its main workers? union GENOP are to face criminal prosecution with regards to the use of some 30 million euros of funding the company gave to the labor group.

Two prosecutors issued on Wednesday charges of breach of faith and fraud against officials who were in charge of PPC and GENOP between 1999 and 2010 following a preliminary investigation and a probe by public administration inspector Leandros Rakintzis.

In his report last year, Rakintzis indicated that GENOP received illegal funding from PPC, that proper records were not kept for how some of the money was spent and that GENOP paid over the odds for some of its expenses, including travel and restaurant bills.

GENOP is one of Greece?s most militant unions and its president Nikos Fotopoulos is known for his outspoken attacks on the PPC board and politicians.