‘Disabled’ man walks, and robs bank

A man pretending to be disabled and another posing as his carer robbed a bank in the Athenian suburb of Neo Iraklio on Friday after being let in through a non-secure side door by staff.

According to police reports, the men were admitted by bank employees who saw the «disabled» man in the wheelchair and his accomplice struggling to get through one of the security doors that have been installed at most Greek banks that allow only one person at a time in a two-door booth and activating a time lock while security staff screens customers through CCTV cameras.

After being admitted into the bank, the disabled man stood up and pulled out a handgun, threatening customers and staff. His accomplice was also armed.

The pair managed to empty the bank’s tills before making off in a getaway car with two other men who had been waiting for them outside.

Police were still looking for the gang on Friday afternoon.