Rent-a-cop scheme to raise revenues

The police confirmed on Sunday that a law was ratified last month allowing it to hire out its officers for 30 euros a day and its patrol cars for 10 euros a day.

Responding to a report in Proto Thema newspaper, the police issued a statement saying its officers could be hired for a range of services, such as ?escorting dangerous materials, private goods of high value, works of art and money, and security and training for private parties.? Filmmakers will also be able to hire the police?s services.

The police said that these services were provided for free in the past and that any money earned as a result of the change in the rules would be used to cover operating costs. ?The payment, if the request is approved, will be included on the state budget as a revenue and will be used to pay for the cost of the Greek Police?s equipment and infrastructure,? the statement read.