Intercity buses to run almost as usual, despite strike

Intercity buses (KTEL) are expected to run almost as usual of Thursday, despite a strike by drivers, as some 90 percent of the vehicles are driven by their owners, who oppose the strike.

The union representing KTEL drivers, which his separate to that representing the owners of the buses, is protesting planned reductions to drivers’ salaries.

Speaking on Skai Television on Tuesday morning, the head of the KTEL owners’ union, Sophocles Fatsios, said that a new collective labor agreement for the sector is being negotiated and that a 15-percent wage reduction is being considered.

On Monday, scuffles broke out between intercity bus owners and a group of drivers in Halkidiki in northern Greece, where six drivers were recently laid off.

Fatsios assured people traveling for Greek Orthodox Easter, which is on April 15, that most KTEL services will proceed as usual on Thursday.