Donations help send dead migrants’ bodies home

Crisis-hit Greeks have reportedly helped to raise more than 6,000 euros needed to fly home the bodies of two Pakistanis migrants who died last Friday while attempting to rescue an elderly couple from a car trapped on a railway track in Kryoneri, north of Athens.

An appeal was made at the beginning of this week via social media after it became clear that the relatives of Hamayun Anwar, 18, and Wakar Ahmed, 32, did not have the necessary money to repatriate the men?s bodies. Both were from the same village in Pakistan?s Gujrat district.

According to journalist Niko Ago, who helped organize the campaign, a number of people contributed to the fund. He said Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis and the Ecologist Greens made contributions.

?I was neither born a Greek nor born in Greece,? the Albanian, who has been in Athens since 1992, wrote on his blog. ?My involvement in this issue and people?s willingness to help have again justified and made me proud of my decision to choose Greece as my homeland.?