Residents clash with police over migrant center

Dozens of residents of Amygdaleza, northwest of Athens, clashed with police late on Tuesday night outside one of several sites slated by authorities for the creation of detention centers for undocumented migrants.

Police briefly detained six people for questioning after some of the demonstrators started throwing stones at officers guarding the site, which is located next to a police training ground.

A group of around 300 people had gathered outside the site at around 9 p.m. to express their opposition to the planned center, and scuffles broke out between some demonstrators and police after tensions flared.

Local authorities and residents in other parts of the country earmarked for the construction of migrant detention centers have expressed similar anger. Nevertheless, Citizens? Protection Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis insists that a plan foreseeing the creation of 30 such centers, which was approved in Parliament on Tuesday, is non-negotiable.