Dimas emerges as a possible coalition PM

The name of the current Foreign Minister, Stavros Dimas, the New Democracy vice-president, is mentioned by some sources as a possible compromise candidate for the premiership given that the snap election on May 6 is likely to produce a hung parliament.

The pulverization of the party political scene in Greece is raising concerns ahead of what appears to be the most crucial general election of the last few decades.

The challenges for the period straight after the polls are considerable as they include the implementation of the loan agreement that provides for painful measures and reforms and demands for a strong and stable government.

All opinion polls point to the likelihood of an absence of absolute majority for any party, leading to early discussions about a possible coalition government, although leading party New Democracy will keep pushing for an absolute majority until the end.

Its leader, Antonis Samaras has made it clear that the new Prime Minister will have to be the head of the party to come first in the election. However, the ND lead over PASOK in the opinion polls is such that may well allow the Socialists after the election to veto a person that it is not comfortable with and force the search for a personality with a universal appeal.

Given that outgoing Prime Minister Lucas Papademos has signalled he is not interested in staying on after the election, the option of former European Commissioner Stavros Dimas is gaining ground.

The Foreign Minister has kept out of the party political clash and will not be a candidate in the elections, thereby making it easier for other parties to accept him as the new Premier, Kathimerini understands.