Zografou blocks NTUA funding

The rector of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Simos Simopoulos, is due to meet the mayor of Zografou, Costas Kalliris, on Wednesday in a bid to settle a financial dispute that is threatening the institution?s functioning.

The Municipality of Zografou in eastern Athens, where the NTUA?s dormitories and some of its buildings are located, claims that the academic institution, also known as Athens Polytechnic, has not paid some 4 million euros in municipal taxes dating back to 2006. As a result, Kalliris has launched legal action. This means that the NTUA cannot get clearance from the tax office that would allow it to receive state funding worth about 1.4 million euros.

Simopoulos argues that the municipality is charging the educational institution higher rates than others which also own property in the area, such as Athens University. The NTUA has launched a countersuit to lift the financial restrictions imposed by the local authority.