Neo-nazi followers attack PASOK deputy

PASOK deputy Petros Efthymiou was at the receiving end of an attack by a number of the neo-nazi Chrysi Avgi party at Maroussi in northern Athens on Saturday afternoon.

Some 100 men chanted slogans against all politicians and abused Efthymiou, who was holding an election rally at the site, before hurling bottles of water and cups of coffee at him amongst other things. Noone was injured.

Interestingly, the attack took place in front of two foreign television crews, including one from the BBC, that were filming reports on the rise of neo-nazism in Greece.

All parliamentary parties condemned the attack, highlighting its coincidence with the anniversary of the coup d?etat 45 years ago that started the military junta of 1967-74.

Chrysi Avgi leader Nikos Michaloliakos played down the incident saying on camera that the weather was warm enough and a shower with water can’t have hurt Efthymiou.