Kammenos rejects idea of working with New Democracy

New Democracy outcast Panos Kammenos, who has enjoyed high ratings in opinion polls with his recently formed party Independent Greeks, has ruled out the possibility of working with the conservatives after the May 6 elections.

Speaking to Real News weekly, Kammenos said that there was no basis for the two parties to work together.

?[New Democracy leader] Antonis Samaras gave the kiss of life and a vow of fidelity to PASOK,? said Kammenos, whose nationalist party ranked as joint-fourth with 11 percent in the Public Issue poll on Friday.

Kammenos, who has been highly critical of Germany?s role in the Greek crisis, also sought to distance himself from the neofascist Chrysi Avgi, which has also seen its support rise in the opinion polls.

?Woe betide us if in trying to stop the 4th Reich in its tracks, we return to the 3rd Reich,? said Kammenos.