Young Greeks hesitant about moving abroad

Seven out of 10 young Greeks would like to leave the debt-wracked country and seek their fortune elsewhere but less than one in five have taken steps to emigrate, according to new research carried out on behalf of Athens?s Panteion University.

The survey, conducted by the firm Focus Bari in January on a sample of 444 people aged between 18 and 24, found that 76 percent believe leaving the country would be the ideal response to the repercussions of the economic crisis. However for most this still appears to be a pipe dream. Half (53 percent) of the respondents said the idea of emigrating is in the back of their minds while 17 percent claimed to be determined to leave and to have made steps in that direction.

A slightly smaller percentage of respondents, 14 percent, said they had made a conscious effort to stay in Greece, considering that it is their generation that will bring much-needed change to the country.