Former minister threatens to expose foes

Following the decision by judicial authorities to remand his wife and daughter on money laundering charges, Former Defense Minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos, who has been in custody for two weeks, threatened on Saturday to identify individuals whom he accused of being behind his ?unprecedented political persecution under a legal mantle.?

In a written statement issued a day after the detention of his wife Viki Stamati and two days after that of his daughter Areti, the ex-minister spoke of ?a plan of annihilation aimed at breaking up my family,? noting that his five-year-old son had been left without his parents. The minister, who is accused of pocketing millions of euros in kickbacks from defense deals, suggested that he would expose others, noting that after a 40-year political career, ?I know everything.?

?The truth will shine and the lies will crumble, revealing who truly honored the public interest,? he said.