Democratic Left says ‘no’ to ND-PASOK coalition, more elections

Leader of Democratic Left, Fotis Kouvelis, says his party does not want to join a coalition government with New Democracy and PASOK but does not want Greece to go through a period of constant elections.

?Democratic Left will not take part in the New Democracy-PASOK coalition, which is being suggested,? he told an audience in Chania, Crete, on Friday. ?We will not give a democratic, left alibi to this coalition, which some are promoting.?

Kouvelis said that Democratic Left?s two conditions for working with another party after the elections are that it supports Greece?s participation in the eurozone and the gradual ?decoupling? from the EU-IMF loan agreement.

Kouvelis said that if Democratic Left gets enough votes on Sunday to be among the top three parties, it will attempt to form a government, if it is given the chance to do so.

?We have said from the start that we are not indifferent about the next government?s policies, nor about the possibility of the country remaining ungoverned and having to go through repeated elections,? he said.

?We want the country to have a progressive government. If we are asked by the president to form a government, we will appeal to progressive forces based on a specific policy program,? added the veteran leftist.