Tsipras rejects coalition with ND

The leader of the runner-up party in Greeces national election, the Radical Left Coalition’s Alexis Tsipras, has rejected a coalition with the winning conservative party.

Following 40-minute talks with conservative leader Antonis Samaras, Tsipras said the two parties’ views were diametrically opposed. He demanded the cancellation of austerity measures many blame for deepening economic woes.

Samaras, who was given three days Monday in which to build a coalition or pass on the mandate to Tsipras, was also meeting with the head of the third, party, the socialist PASOK.

Tsipras’ refusal to cooperate with the conservatives, while anticipated, makes it even less likely that Samaras will be able to form a strong enough coalition. It also increases the possibility that Greece will be forced to hold repeat elections in mid-June. [AP]