New Democracy chief calls for broad, center-right front

New Democray leader Antonis Samaras on Wednesday called for the formation of a broad, center-right front that would guarantee Greece?s position in the eurozone, while taking into account?s the Greek people?s mandate for changes in economic policy following Sunday?s general elections.

Samaras called all center-right political powers, whether elected or not, to rally under his party?s umbrella arguing that New Democracy was the sole party in a position to guarantee the country?s European course.

The ND leader said the initiative was necessary to counter the threat of a euro exit, which Samaras accused Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) chief Alexis Tsipras of threatening through his policies. The two leaders are due to meet on Wednesday to discuss the formation of a unity government.

This has been interpreted as an appeal to the liberal Democratic Alliance and nationalist Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS), which did not make it into Parliament. Samaras may also seek to extend and olive branch to the Independent Greeks, a product of a split within ND.

Meanwhile Democratic Alliance officials on Wednesday denied reports that Samaras had discussed the possibility of cooperation with the party? s leader Dora Bakoyannis in a phone conversation on Tuesday.